Welcome to Harshad Thermic Pvt. Ltd.

The company is engaged in the manufacturing of Alumino Thermic portions, Prefabricated Moulds, and complete range of Alumino thermic welding equipments, consumables and accessories required for fusion welding by Alumino thermic process as per Indian Railway Specification No. T -19-1994. The Company also undertakes a highly Technical, Exclusive and Unique activity- " The Thermic Welding of Rails " at various sites of Indian Railways. The company has also successfully executed export orders from Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Unit 1 & 2 were set in 1984 & 1988 respectively. Both the units are approved by Research Designs & Standard Organization (RDSO) Lucknow & Railway Board, New Delhi for all New Zones /Division of Indian Railways. The total production capacity of both units together is 6,50,000 Units per annum.

The company has also started the rail welding by flash butt welding process since last 5 years . The company has acquired 2 numbers of MFBWMs and by now it has experience of welding about 60,000 joints (both including depot as well as on.line ) for testing we have all the requisite facility to maintain the quality of utmost standard.

The company has been awarded ISO 9001,2008 Certificate by Det Norske Veritas of Netherlands (DNV) and has also been declared as Ancillary Industry to Bhilai Steel plant, Bhilai since 1988 to undertake Thermit Welding of broken parts of heavy machinery.


  • Flash Butt Welding Of Rail Joints By Mobile Flash Butt Welding Machine.
  • A.T. Welding Of Rail by Short Preheating Process(SKV) as Per IRS-T-1994
  • welding of Broken Heavy Steel Machinery Parts By Alumino Thermic Welding


  • Thermit Portion required for fusion welding of Rails by Alumino Thermic Process as Per Indian Railway Specification No. IRS-T-19-1994.
  • Complete range of Thermit Welding Equipment, Consumable and accessories.